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Roots Industries India Private Limited
Roots Industries India Private Limited

Roots Industries India Private Limited established in 1970 is the flagship company of the Roots Group and its products find pride of place in some of the world’s most respected automobile brands. RIL has a full-fledged manufacturing facility in India, Malaysia, Russia and has offices in strategic locations across the world.

The company manufactures a wide range of Electric Horns, backup alarm and electronic horns with multi-functional capabilities for passenger vehicles, off-road vehicles and material handling equipment.

It has subsequently added to its product offerings with halogen bulbs, disc brake pads, brake shoes, clutch plates, batteries and reverse sensors.

RIL established a High Precision Engineering Division (HPED) in 2005 to manufacture Highly Critical Parts, Sub Assemblies and High Level Assemblies for the Medical, Aerospace, Flow Control, Automobile & Other Engineering Industries.

RIL established ROOTS METROLOGY and got accredited by NABL in 2005. It also addresses the Group’s calibration requirements and opened up branches in Chennai and Bangalore. In addition to calibration other services rendered by metrology division are Third Party inspection and Training & Development.

RIL established a commercial furniture manufacturing division ROOTS SYONA in 2013 to manufacture ergonomically designed furniture’s. Syona currently has more than 5 models of commercial chairs and will unveil other furniture products in a phased manner.

In the dynamic world that is driven by technology, a successful presence depends on the way you mould that technology to fit popular needs, Indigenous talent, a daring attitude, courage to accept and learn new things and the simple spark of an idea. That is the genesis of ROOTS.


Roots Industries India Private Limited, the flagship division of the group was the culmination of more than Three decades effort to manufacture world class horns.Roots established itself as the market leader in India, delivering over 12 variants of Electrical horns…

High Precision Engineering

The Roots group forayed into delivering high precision components for the aerospace, medical, flow controls, instrumentation, automobile and textile industries. Roots HPED is built around a robust framework of employing precision technology…


The Roots Metrology is the premier Calibration and Testing Laboratory in the field of Physical sciences. Roots Metrology has been playing in the league of exceptional Calibration laboratories certified by NABL for more than “Ten” years.


Syona Roots has conducted intense research to offer solutions to the 21st century workspaces demand of healthier options for seating and has instilled impeccable design and complete comfort to provide the best ergonomic chairs.